Use Caution While Exercising During Allergy Season

Shenandoah National Park

This past Sunday, my girlfriend and I went out for a 10.5 mile hike in Shenandoah National Park.  I should mention that we are experiencing a record-setting warm spell here in northern Virginia, with temperatures some twenty degrees higher than normal, reaching the low nineties.  Han, my girlfriend, and I usually run five days per week and also mix in some cycling, hiking or tennis for some cross-training benefits, so I would say that we are generally in fit aerobic shape.

She suffers from seasonal allergies and has recently been prescribed a nasal antihistamine inhaler to relieve her symptoms.  Only one mile into our hike she was experiencing discomfort and shortness of breath.  We both wear Suunto T3 wristops with heartbelts and foot pods (available at Sun and Ski) to monitor our training progress.  Because of the antihistamine inhaler, her heart rate was elevated above 160 bpm during a training effect rate between 2.5 and 3.0, which is unusually high.  She was also experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue.

We hiked farther into the park at a slower pace, eventually turning around after a long, steep ascent at the three mile point.  Our total hike was almost six miles, however, the unusually warm weather, pollen, and previously mentioned respiratory problems made for a physically and emotionally challenging outing.  On a positive note, the wildflowers and the clear blue skies were beautiful!

I would advise anyone who suffers from seasonal allergy symptoms to check with his or her doctor regarding possible side effects when requesting medication to alleviate nasal distress.  Be sure your doctor is aware of your personal fitness regimen, so that he can prescribe the correct drug for your specific lifestyle, whether that is an antihistamine or a steroid inhaler.

Yakima Recall for Quickback 2 and Quickback 3

Yakima has announced a recall on their most recent trunk-mounted bike racks, the Quickback 2 and Quickback 3. There seems to be a defect in the adjustable knobs that needs to be replaced if you purchased your rack with a manufacturing date prior to April 9, 2009.

Here’s the quick version on how Yakima is handling the recall:

  • If the consumer owns a Quickback 2, they can choose either a new Quickback 2 and a $25 check or a King Joe 2 and a $50 check.
  • If the consumer owns a Quickback 3, they can choose either a new Quickback 3 and a $25 check or a King Joe 3 and a $50 check.

Once the consumer fills out their info online, they will be sent a packet containing an envelope; they will remove both red adjustment knobs from the Quickback and send them back to us as proof of ownership and to show the rack has been disabled. Once we have received the packet, a new order will be processed and a check request will be submitted.

For more information, please visit the Yakima recall website.

New to the blogging world!

Hello fellow sports enthusiasts!

My name is Chris and I am the ski coordinator for the Ski Chalet in Chantilly, VA… a sister store to Sun & Ski Sports. I love what I do for a living and I always have a lot to say, so they gave me this space to share my passion for outdoor activities and perhaps encourage some of you to get out there and join in the fun!

Although I love Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, I’m also an avid runner, enthusiastic hiker and backpacker, and beginning cyclist.  I hope to relive some of my experiences with you here, as well as pass along my personal reviews of some of the equipment that can be found in the stores.  Hopefully, I can figure out how to post some accompanying photos on future posts!

I’ll post more next time…maybe by bringing you up to speed on how I spent the last year.  Stay Tuned!

MS 81: Cycling Mile Slimdown

As of right now, I SHOULD have completed at least 50 miles, enjoying a quick lunch in Bellville.  Oddly enough, I am in my lounge pants, having watched yet another re-run of “Rock of Love”.  Yes, it was a major disappointment that Day 1 got cancelled.  We are totally at the mercy of Mother Nature.  However, I am proud of the MS Society for making such a difficult decision as cancelling Day 1 for the safety of the riders. 

Last night, Anna, myself, Ryan, and Mandy (two cool peeps we met on Team Sun & Ski) purchased a couple of hotel rooms in Columbus, so that we can chill out the night before, and rise at 6am instead of 4:30.  The ride starts at 8, and is still the longest we have ever taken on.  We have decided we want to attempt the Bechtel Challenge Route, which puts us on a roller coaster ride through Bastrop Park.  I figure that we need to push ourselves in a way we never have before. 

The weather events of this weekend should not deter any of the 13,000 riders from accomplishing the completion of the MS 150.  We all have a mission to accomplish: raise as much money as possible for the 400,000 Americans (20,000 Texans) living with MS. Yes, we had a minor set back, but we can do it!

MS150 Urgent Notice – Day 1 Has Been Cancelled

DAY 1 has officially been cancelled due to the adverse weather. LaGrange is flooded, tents have collapsed and its unsafe for riders. We are awaiting an update from the MS Society regarding DAY 2.

Please take into consideration that Day 2 could start from LaGrange or Katy… Alternative routes could come into play as well. The MS Society is working on making a decision now and we will pass that information on to you as soon as possible.

Be sure to text the word ‘RIDER’ to 777111 for updates from the MS Society, or check the MS150 website.

We will be in touch with further details soon.

UPDATE from MS Society:
Friday 4:30p – Due to unsafe conditions along the Day One route and in La Grange, we have decided to cancel the first day of the BP MS 150, Saturday, April 18, 2009. At this time we intend to ride as scheduled on Day 2, Sunday, April 19, from La Grange to Austin. We are currently assessing the logistics and route conditions from La Grange to Austin and will continue to update you as those details become available.

MS150 Riders Can Get Ride-Day Texts For The First Time (via HBJ)

Originally posted by Houston Business Journal

Riders in this year’s BP MS 150 Bike Ride won’t have to worry about not being connected while on the road to Austin.

Mobile marketing company Mobile FKM, a unit of Houston advertising agency FKM, has created an application to send weather updates, road conditions and alerts in the form of individual text messages to cyclists’ mobile phones.

All riders, volunteers and friends can get weather and ride text messages by cellphone during the BP MS 150 weekend by texting RIDER, VOLUNTEER or FRIEND to 777111.

The two-day, 25th anniversary BP MS 150 Bike Ride, benefitting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter, takes place April 18 to 19. More than 13,000 cyclists and 400 volunteers are expected to take part in this year’s ride.