MS150 Checklist & Team Packing List

Several of you are first time riders for the MS150 or first time members on Team Sun & Ski. A number of you have asked “what do I need to bring with me on the day of the ride?” Please find below our MS150 Checklist which includes all of the most important items that you will need. All area Sun & Ski Sports locations and our website are fully stocked with the gear you need and prepared to answer any questions you have about preparing for the ride. Don’t forget to use your Team Sun & Ski ID Card which entitles you to your Team discount, plus 5% of everything you purchase will be rebated to your MS150 pledge.

Sun & Ski Sports ‘Cycling Slimdown’ Duo Wayne & Anna To Compete on Houston Reality TV Show on KHOU-TV Ch. 11

HOUSTON, TX — Feb. 13, 2009… Houston’s Sun & Ski Sports Cycling Slimdown duo Anna Rocha and Wayne Dolezal ( one of the ten teams competing in the Houston reality TV show “The Great Raise Houston.” The four-hour program, produced in Houston in HD, airs February 21 and 28, 7-9 p.m. on KHOU(CBS)-TV/DT Channel 11.

Viewers will have the opportunity to race around Houston with ten teams as they run, jump, dive, fly and speed throughout the Bayou City on a three-day, 350-mile trek. Adventure sports outfitter Sun & Ski Sports ( supplied kayaks and bicycles for two of the challenges for the contestants.

The teams, including Sun & Ski Sports Cycling Slimdown duo Wayne and Anna; a tiara-wearing stand-out from “The Bachelor;” a Playmate turned Playboy Scout; and a newlywed neuropsychologist, will kayak on the bayou, kick up their heels with the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, cycle to the Forbidden Gardens, skydive and more. The contestants rely on creativity and common sense to stay in the race.

Houston couple Joyce and Uchenna Agu, outfitted by Sun & Ski Sports for the seventh season of CBS’s reality hit “The Amazing Race” and its $1 million prize winners, created “The Great Raise Houston.” The 14th installment of “The Amazing Race” premieres February 15 on Ch. 11.

“This race is a virtual post card for Houston, much like “The Amazing Race” was a post card for the world,” says Uchenna Agu.

On top of the physical and mental challenges, each team is raising funds for two charities – Houston Food Bank – Kid’s Cafe and Casa de Esperanza.

“We are committed to raising awareness and funds to provide support for charitable organizations that positively impact the community in favor of child development,” says Joyce Agu. “By utilizing our celebrity gained from the “Amazing Race” experience, we are on a mission to help children in order to cultivate and develop a stronger future for our communities, our country and ultimately the world.”

So, is the ultimate victor in “The Great Raise Houston” the team that crosses the finish line first or the team that raises the most money for the non-profit beneficiaries? Tune in and see Houston as you have never seen it before.

For more information about the “The Great Raise Houston,” Sun & Ski Cycling Slimdown duo Wayne & Anna, or to donate to the benefiting charities, visit

THE PICKLE – Women Specific cycling clothes

Women know that it is hard to find any clothing that really fits well, not to mention specialized cycling clothing! Up until the the first week or two of the Cycling Slimdown, I was wearing typical cycling shorts and jerseys. While they were functional, they were a little long on my legs, and the waist came up really high on my torso. As you know men and women are not built the same, so naturally we canʼt perfectly fit into the exact same cycling shorts.

Shebeest has come out with a plus size line; this is great because our goal is to get out of the plus size clothing but what do you wear before you get there? When I found out that Shebeest had shorts and jerseys in my size I was overjoyed. Not only would I look cute in the wonderful designs (yes, I am still a girly girl!), but the clothing would fit me correctly.

Shebeest has put together a chamois for the womens plus line. They have designed a chamois that moves with you to help eliminate friction and as you know, friction can lead to chafing. No one wants chafing in sensitive areas.

Long ago are the days where I must wear shorts that are too long for me, or be forced to wear jerseys that come down to my thighs. I would be in work out clothes and still look like a girl!

Cycling Slimdown Update – 1 Month Recap and Results

Anna & I have just completed the first 28 days of our weight loss challenge! It hasn’t been as rough as we thought it would be, for two reasons:

1)  Diet- we are better educated on food choices (keeping a food journal is extremely helpful).  Avoiding fast food restaurants altogether allows us the flexibility to eat that small piece of cake every once in a while.  We both eat at restaurants 5 times a week, and can still manage to pick out the healthy options.

2)  Excercise- Anna works out about 5-6 times a week, and I work out 4-5.  We are one with our bikes, and look forward to riding them.  Heck, our spin class is even exciting when we’re not out of breath!

For the first time in 2 weeks, I took my blood pressure, and was pleasantly surprised by the number last night: 129/78.  I couldn’t believe it, so at 10pm I went to Walgreens and H-E-B to verify.  My “normal” is in the 145/95 range.  I’ve always known my “normal” is not healthy, and always thought that “proper diet and excercise” was just the doctor’s excuse not to give me medicine.

We have participated in the Conoco-Phillips Training rides every Saturday.  These rides get progressively longer and harder over a 13 week period.  3 weeks ago, we started out going 12 miles, and three days ago we completed 36!  By the end of the series, we will be able to complete 60+ within a few hours.  At this rate, the MS 150 will still be challenging, but it is definitely within our reach.

This afternoon, we were interviewed by Rich Lord from Sports Radio 610.  The interview went well, but at the end we had to meet the dreaded scale for the first time in 4 weeks.  With Trainer Mark officiating, we one-by-one looked down at the wretched needle going around the numbers on the scale.  Ok, I am not going to sugar-coat it anymore, or blog on and on (Anna hates my blogs because they’re too long… “a blog should be a little blurb, not paragraphs!  Wayne, people don’t want to read everything that goes through your  mind!”)  So, to spare Anna and everyone else from reading my long paragraphs and other nonsense, here’s how we fared:

Anna — 259 lbs.  Weight loss of 11 lbs.

Wayne — 253 lbs.  Weight loss of 17 lbs.

We are well on the road to success, and look forward to continuing this Cycling Slimdown Challenge.  We want to once again thank Sun & Ski Sports for offering us the opportunity of a lifetime, and the hopes of extending our lives by decades!