Hello to the World– Anna’s 1st blog.

I want to say Hello! This is my 1st blog and I just wanted to pop in and drop a few lines. Wayne and I will have some more stuff up soon.

Wayne and I got fitted for our new bikes and they are great! Barry and everyone as Sun and Ski have been so wonderful. It’s so important to get fitted for your bike. You want to make sure that it’s not too big or too small for you. TJ helped us out when we where there on Tuesday but any of the guys in the bike area can help you with getting the right bike. Don’t get discourage when you walk in there. Just ask for help and let them know you are new and what price range you want to stay in. Sun and Ski has some nice bikes in there but some of them are the advanced cyclist.

So on to the good stuff. Wayne and I are going to ride today; we will be on the picnic loop at Memorial park. We will be tooling around with the bikes, messing with the gears and getting comfy in the saddle. So if you see us, say hello. We can use any tips or advise anyone might have.