A Packing List Essay by Mairko Liveric

Recently, we had an essay contest within our stores for the best story related to our Ski Trip Packing List and how we use them to assist our customers. Below is the winning entry by Mairko Liveric at our Plainview, NY Store. Enjoy…

So one day…
A nice, fine woman came into the shop, said “Im looking for a snowboard.,
It’s for my son, he’s 14 years old, with his current one he’s so bored.”
I asked “Whats his weight, what size is his shoe?”
and “What type of riding does he like to do?”
She answered “140, about a size 9,
he rides the whole mountain and goes all the time.”
I showed her some Arbors, I showed her some Burtons
she told me with these, her wallet would be hurtin’.
I showed her K2, then tried Ride,
she said “Well I don’t really like the design.”
I said “How about the Destroyer? Or O-Matic Awesome?”
She said “I’m looking for a deal, at Sno-Haus I saw some.”
I told her about Price Match Guarantee,
and we never let a customer leave unhappily.
I pointed her to clearance, said that was the majority of decks,
and I bet you can guess just what happened next.
I reached into my pocket, and oh what was this?
of course it was the Sun and Ski Sports Snow Sports Packing List.
I opened it up, like a scroll it hung,
handed it to the lady and said “we’ve only just begun.”
On the bottom written MJ, my numbers 1480,
I don’t care if you drive a hoopty or a brand new black Mercedes.
“This is for your son, so no one will forget,
The essential items to have a great time and most important don’t get wet.”
She said “He has a jacket and pants, and doesn’t wear sweaters or fleece,
I bought him thermals and glove and sock liners are not something that he needs.”
“He has socks, hats, neck gators, helmet, and a ninja clava thats really cool.
And he has refused to wear a turtleneck since elementary school.
He has some Anon goggles and Spy glasses that he loves,
some NorthFace boots, Burt’s Bees Wax, and DaKine Rover gloves.”
I stayed positive, but any sale seemed “iffy”,
she interrupted my thought and said hand warmers were for sissy’s.
Boot dryers and walk aides she said “I think he’ll live without,
plus if I go buying all of this stuff my husbands gonna shout!”
After gloves and footbeds “no interest,” lock and swimsuit “Check.”,
“He has a camelback so that brings us back to the deck.
If I got him a board then I’d get him a bag,
but I don’t see anything I like, sorry if I’m a nag.”
I assured her the boards were great, and that we have the widest selection,
in customer service we never settle for less that perfection.
I showed her some boots, then onto some bindings,
I was trying so hard, my mind was unwinding.
Then I heard the words that I didn’t want to hear,
“I think I’m gonna hold off on the board until next year.”
On the inside I was crushed, on the outside I was fine,
She thanked me for my patience, then thanked me for my time.
I did all I could, I didn’t regret,
the effort I gave my blood, tears, and sweat.
As she walked away, there was no need to stop her…………..

Cause in the end it turned out she was a secret shopper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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