Let’s talk about ski tuning!


How often should you have your skis or snowboard tuned?


Most advanced skiers have their gear tuned after 4 or 5 days of skiing. It is important for the edges to be sharp in order to maintain control. The base has to be waxed to allow for maximum speed. Intermediate skiers will probably want their skis tuned after 6 to 9 days on the slopes. Beginners might not demand the same performance as experts and intermediates and will likely have their gear tuned after 10 days of hitting the slopes. Keep in mind that conditions on the slopes do play a role in this. For example, fresh powder will not tear up your gear as much as hard packed icy conditions…


How will you know if your gear needs attention?


The easiest way to know if you need to go see a ski tech is if there are heavy gouges on the bottom. Also, check to see if the edges are rusty or burred. Carefully slide your finger down the edges to see if there is any damage. Maintaining smooth, waxed bases and sharp edges will definitely improve performance on the slopes.


When should I have my skis tuned?


The best time to have your gear tuned is probably after the ski season. By this time your skis will need some TLC and storing them during the summer is best if the edges are clean and the bases are waxed.


Should I tune my own skis?


People who live near the slopes often do take care of this on their own. Sharpening edges and waxing bases is not terribly difficult but grinding bases is nearly impossible without the proper machinery.


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by Jimmy Boyle

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