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Shifting Gears — Wayne & Anna Tackle New Endeavours

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Once again, Anna’s gonna hate me for a long blog!
We had a blast training for and completing the MS 150 with the assistance of Sun & Ski Sports.¬† It¬†was one of those things to mark off of life’s “bucket list”.¬† Through their expertise and vast knowledge, we were able to achieve what we thought was the unthinkable.¬† With just an ounce of drive and determination, any able-bodied person can make the cycling journey.¬† Two weeks after the actual MS 150, Team Sun & Ski member Mandy and I, at the last minute, decided we would ride our bikes from Houston to Beaumont during the Tour du Rouge Day 1 of 6 ride…. that’s 82 miles!¬† On that same day, Anna caught some waves wakeboarding (a heck of alot funner than waterboarding) at the Houston Watersports Complex (¬† The videos from those two adventures are upcoming, I promise (all that MS 150 training time slammed me at my real-person job… just trying to play catch-up!)
So a few weeks ago, Anna and I were talking about “what’s next”.¬† Ok, we’ve trained to ride a bike and came to the end of that journey, so the most logical thing would be to push ourselves a little further, right?¬† With that in mind, we have two very important announcements to make….
1) We are going to train for…. stay seated everyone… the Chevron Half-Marathon in January!¬† Why is this important?¬† Well, in case you didn’t know, Anna and I are formerly very heavy people who, up to this point, had absolutely no interest in running anywhere but to the donut shop.¬† In junior high, I HATED running the one mile run every few months.¬† Actually, I remember having between 16-18 minute miles.¬† There was no reason to get all worked up about running around the soccer fields… it should be VERY interesting running 13.1 miles throughout Houston.¬† I always heard marathoners have toe nails fall off, and all sorts of strange maladies.¬† As time goes by, I will let you know if that’s the case….
Cycling season is now over, but somehow Anna and I must continue our weight loss journey.¬† The bikes were actually extremely effective at helping us shed the pounds (phase 1), but they are not very good at helping us further shape and tone our bodies.¬† So, after careful consideration of other alternatives, Anna and I have decided a way to enter our phase 2 of weight loss… join a gym!¬† So, our next big announcement….
2) We are partnering with FIT Athletic Club¬†(¬†(corner of West Gray and Waugh, above the Marshall’s store…. and conveniently located next to Luby’s! Not that I’ve seen the inside of that restaurant in the past 4 months).¬† We had seriously considered joining some of the major chains, and some other mom-and-pop ones, but we opted for FIT for several reasons, which you will see on future video blogs.¬† One of my biggest selling points is the convenience and scheduling of group workouts (Spin Classes, Pilates, etc.).¬† Anna likes the amenities and cleanliness of the bathrooms.¬† The¬†locker rooms are¬†seriously decked out with more Q-Tips and Scope than anyone would use in a lifetime!¬† Also, they don’t have that “gym funk” smell.¬† I am not sure exactly how old the gym equipment is, but it looks like it can’t be more than a few weeks old.¬† Meticulously cleaned and cared for, you’re not going to find pools of sweat on the stationary bike handlebars!¬† Also, I haven’t had to wait in any lines, even in peak periods throughout the day, to use any of the gym equipment.¬† We are still new to the “gym work-out” world, so I’m gonna say that as of now, our video blogs from FIT Athletic will be, at the very least, entertaining.
So, that’s what I have to share with you now.¬† In the coming weeks, and throughout the summer, look for updates regarding our FIT Athletic¬†Club work-outs, our running updates while training for the Chevron Houston Marathon, as well as fun and exciting Summer adventures highlighting all the sports you didn’t know Sun & Ski could¬†outfit you for!¬†

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