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The Eve of the Eve Before the MS 150 — Cycling Reflections

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3 months ago, Anna and I began on a journey which, as anyone who has been overweight knows, is not very easy.¬† Sun & Ski had a plan for us¬†to ride bicycles.¬†¬†And ride more bicycles.¬† Now, I am telling you that at the time the longest I really wanted to ride a bike was to the donut shop and back.¬† I’m serious.¬† It’s not that I hated riding a bike, but I just didn’t see the point.¬† I had a mountain bike that I rode on occasion, but it was too tiring to ride on long hauls.¬† We were introduced to our wonderful, amazing Marin Portofinos and the rest is history!

This entire week leading up to the MS 150,¬†I have been reflecting on the events of the past few months, and wanted to share¬†one important¬†observation I have made…


Immediately following the events of 9/11, there was a resurgence of Patriotism in this country that I had not seen really since the 80’s, and prior to that, the 50’s (so I’ve heard countless times from my parents).¬† I remember everyone was proud to be an American, flags on display on porches and automobiles.¬† Neighbors were helping neighbors, and each were working together at the time to strengthen one another and provide support in trying times.¬† With the natural, short-sidedness of Humans,¬†that fervent Patriotism soon faded.¬† I suppose we all simply shifted back to our day-to-day stresses and forgot what it was like to compliment one another and reinforce positivity and accomplishment.¬†¬†We seemed to forget the feeling we got when helping out a stranger for no other reason than that it’s¬†the decent thing to do.

Let’s back up to 3¬†months ago, and the beginning of this blog.¬† Every weekend, we rode in rallies and training exercises designed to push us harder and harder to finally¬†uncover our cycling abilities.¬† It is the men and women that we see each and every weekend that have inspired us to go further than we ever thought was possible.¬†¬†Cycling is the one sport where¬†EVERYONE, regardless of ability,¬†can come out and enjoy fitness and the outdoors in a truly relaxed and chill environment.¬†¬†This¬†is also the only sport I can think of to have Democrats, Republicans, and Independents of all different ethnicities and socioeconomic classes coming together for a weekend to support one amazing cause.

Again, this is my first MS 150, but I have hundreds of miles of¬†experiences with these cyclists.¬† Every single one of them has a life, with or without¬†kids, parents, jobs, and common everyday stresses.¬† Each week, we all put our lives on hold for a brief, albeit amazing, several hours of camaraderie, friendship, and physical activity.¬† I have met some awesome people on Team Sun & Ski, and each one of them has inspired me to reach my weight loss goals.¬† I know you are probably reading this, not understanding what I mean.¬† Focus on the paragraph where I am talking about 9/11, and neighbors helping neighbors.¬† Do you remember what that was like?¬† Do you remember having random strangers asking you if you need help, or wish you well?¬† Can you recall when you felt you were an important part of something much bigger?¬† If not, join a cycling community and you’ll understand…

2 Comments on “The Eve of the Eve Before the MS 150 — Cycling Reflections”

  1. #1 Ruth
    on Apr 21st, 2009 at 5:58 am

    It’s always nice to feel like you are an important part of something bigger. I know you and Anna have worked very hard the past couple of months. I’m sure it all paid off this weekend.


  2. #2 Anna Rocha
    on Apr 22nd, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Wayne that was very toughing.

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