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THE PICKLE – First-time MS 150 riders

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This blog post is written for those first-time MS 150 riders who are taking on the challenge of riding 180 miles to Austin in April.¬† A few weeks ago, I was thinking about how hard it is to rest from doing a long ride in one day, and wondering if my body would recover for Day 2 of the MS 150.¬† As you may know, it’s less mileage on that day, but we gotta pedal through hills!¬† Ouch!
So this past weekend, I decided to do a back-to-back ride.¬† I rode in a 55-miler on Saturday with some gentle, rolling hills.¬† It was alot of fun! The weather was beautiful (after the fog lifted)¬†and you could see¬†all of the pretty¬†wildflowers¬†growing!¬† I know, I’m a girly girl.
Then on Sunday, Wayne and I rode 70 miles during the Tour de Houston.  It was mostly flat, but at least I got the time on my bike in.
Yes, I am sore.¬† But I don’t think I am nearly as sore as I thought I would be.¬†I think the part of it all that makes me not hurt so much is the sense of accomplishment.¬† Never in a million years would I think that over 2 days, I would have ridden 125 miles!¬† That’s 2 hours by car! What I DO know, though, is that if I can do it, any able-bodied person¬†can do it!
We have several rides coming up, most of them more challenging than this weekend.¬† But I do want to mention that if there is anyone out there who is new to cycling and wants to try riding in a bicycle rally (they’re ALOT of fun!), the Katy Ram Challenge is coming up on Saturday, April 11th.¬† It will offer several routes from 12¬†to over 75 miles in length.¬† As always, Sun & Ski Sports will be there to provide bike maintenance and last-minute cycling must-haves (gloves, helmets, etc.).¬† For more information, go to

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