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Bicycling Essentials — Introduction

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Yesterday evening, Anna and I rode at Memorial Park for about an hour, testing out our new bikes.¬† I’ll post the video later today or tomorrow so y’all can see our initial nervousness about¬†getting out of our confort zone to ride the new MS 150¬†bicycles.

This is a first of a series of blogs entitled “Bicycling Essentials”, which will share tips, advice, and stories on the bicycling sport to amateur and aspiring bicyclists.¬† For intermediate or advanced cyclists, this¬†will not be rocket science.

While I¬†am fairly new to cycling as a sport, I think it’s important to share the “what you REALLY need to succeed”¬†products.¬† I remember buying my first bike, the sales person suggested all of these bells and whistles in addition to the¬†investment in the bicycle itself.¬† As any good consumer tries to do, I went in with the explicit intention to only buy the bike and nothing else.¬† As an intermediate or advanced cyclist might tell you, this really isn’t the mindset needed for a purchasing a bicycle.¬† After a few days, one of two things happens: 1) those customers usually burn out on cycling because they don’t have the accessories required to truly enjoy cycling, and their bikes sit in the garage for years to come; or 2) the customers have a bad cycling experience with the bike¬†and come back to buy any and every accessory possible.¬† I was customer #2.

So, in the coming weeks, I’ll examine the¬†necessities and accessories Anna and I are using in training for the MS 150, giving honest appraisals of usefulness, as well as skill level required to see benefit in any of the products we use.

I think it is extremely important for all Sun and Ski customers to be as educated as possible about the sport of cycling.  Fairly green in the sport myself, I think it will be a fun adventure that we can all embark upon, learning and sharing experiences at the same time.

Please save the dates of January 23-24th to attend Bike U at Sun & Ski, which is a catalog of free¬†topical courses covering everything from beginner safety rules to advanced topics.¬† But more on Bike U on a later blog….

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