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Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry While Snowboarding

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Being cold and wet can put a damper on your winter sports activities, and after a day of skiing or snowboarding, your boots will be damp from sweat, even if you’re wearing moisture-wicking foot warmer socks. The same goes for your gloves—even on a cold day your hands may get sweaty. But the right equipment can keep your hands and feet warm and dry.

-Glove and boot dryers: Setting gloves or boots next to the roaring fire in the ski lodge can cause them to break down sooner. Instead, try a glove and boot dryer. You can buy a portable model that holds one pair of boots and gloves at a time. Or you can find larger models of dryers to install in your ski house that hold several pairs of gloves and boots.

-Foot warmers: Some skiers prefer the convenience of air-activated foot warmers, while others prefer electronic warmers, such as Cozy Foot Warmers. A point about electronic foot warmers: Choose a model with a side-mounted battery pack, rather than one that attaches to the back of the boot, so you don’t need to worry about banging the battery against a chair lift.

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