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What To Wear For Apres-Ski

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When you are packing your ski and boot bags for your ski outings this fall, have some fun with apres-ski clothes. Treat yourself to a pair of fancy or funky after ski boots that will look great and keep your feet comfortable after a day in your ski boots.

Some other ideas for your apres-ski wardrobe:

-Vest: Vests are great for apres-ski activities because you are less likely to get overheated when you are inside, and you can remove it easily if you get too hot.

-Hat: Now that helmets are the headwear of the ski slopes, apres-ski is the perfect time to wear your fun or funky ski cap. But leave your other accessories at home with your skis when you go out for an apres-ski night on the town. There’s no point in hauling around your goggles or heavy gloves—they are more likely to get lost or damaged.

-Sweater: Sweaters are perfect for apres-ski. You can wear the same sweater that you might wear for skiing, or choose something fancier for the apres-ski scene.

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