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Treat Your Ski Gear Right

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After you’ve invested considerable time and energy in choosing your ski boots, you want to treat them right. A quality ski boot bag is the first step to taking care of your ski boots. You can find a ski boot bag to meet your needs, whether you prefer a duffel style, wheeled model, or backpack.

Factors to consider when choosing a ski boot bag include:

  • Size: If you plan to fly to a ski destination and you want to take your ski boot bag as a carry-on, make sure that it does not exceed the standard size for carry-on luggage, or you might have to check it at the gate. If you plan to carry your ski boot bag on a plane, you might prefer a simpler model instead of the more elaborate ski boot bags that also include compartments for hats, gloves, and other gear.
  • Function: Some skiers specifically seek out a ski boot bag that holds other accessories in addition to boots. Some ski boot bags also include built-in changing mats.

No matter what type of ski boot bag you choose, keep the bag with you en route to the slopes, instead of in the trunk of a car or bottom of a bus; your boots will be nice and warm to start your day of snow sports.

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