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Cycling Shoes for Mountain and Road

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Features to look for when cycling shoe shopping include:

  • Sole tread: In general, road cycling shoes have very little tread, while mountain biking shoes have deep treads or cleats.
  • Sole stiffness: If you have clipless pedals, your cycling shoes will be very stiff, especially for road cycling shoes. Mountain biking shoes have soles that are a bit more flexible so they’re easier to walk in if you need to walk your bike up steep, slippery hills. Beginning mountain bikers should seek out cycling shoes with a slightly flexible sole because they’re more likely to walk their bikes than experienced riders.

Often, the sturdier the sole of a cycling shoe, the more it costs. But you can find discount cycling shoes to meet your needs for road cycling, spinning classes, or mountain biking. Visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops for expert advice and a great variety of discount cycling shoes for any type of cycling.

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