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Posts on ‘July 19th, 2011’

Stage 15: Kamikaze

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Kamikaze While some would say that you’ve got to admire the spunk of Philippe Gilbert, I think he’s been a bit reckless with his efforts. There’s no doubt that he’s putting on a good show, but it’s really not accomplishing […]

Rest Day #2: A Look Ahead

A Look Ahead This is already the most exciting Tour I can remember, and we haven’t even entered the final week yet! The next 6 stages are, on paper anyway, the most important and most exciting of the Tour. After what we’ve seen so far I’m not sure they can live up to that, but […]

Stage 16: Carpe Diem

Put fortune on your side, seize the day, and just go for it.