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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

Cycling Jacket Considerations

Sport jackets are the first line of defense between you and the elements when you are cycling.

Benefits of a Clearance Snowboard

Buying a clearance snowboard allows intermediate snowboarders who want to try a different brand or style to do so without breaking the bank.

Why to Visit a Snowboard Store

If you have questions about how to care for, transport, and store your snowboard or snowboard gear, experts at a specialty snowboard store can give advice.

How to Select the Right Men’s Running Shorts

Some men’s running shorts are embedded with antimicrobial fibers to keep the sweaty smells at bay.

Advanced Bike Hitch Racks Are Easy On, Easy Off

Today’s advanced bike hitch racks offer better stability and rear access, and some types can be adapted to carry your snowboard.

Keep Your Biking Shoes at Their Best

Once you’ve waterproofed your biking shoes, toe clips shouldn’t require much more than a bit of lubricant at the point where the pedal meets the crank.

Double Your Fun with Twin Tipped Skis

Twin tipped skis evolved with the rise in popularity of freestyle skiing, which requires more agility than other skiing styles.

Secrets of Great Ski Jackets

You can find discount ski jackets that have all the essential elements you need.

Shop Your Shoe Shape

If you need additional cushioning beyond what your favorite shoes provide, buy cushioned inserts when you buy running shoes.

Child Bike Trailer Tips

Don’t use a Croozer trailer for biking until the child is about a year old and can wear an age-appropriate helmet.