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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Don’t get caught on the slopes unprepared, check out our interactive packing list

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Planning your winter sports trip can be tricky, did you bring the goggles? How about the ski lock? Your friends and Sun & Ski have developed the perfect solution that will prevent you from being on the slopes unprepared: the […]

2009 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals – Sneak Peek…

You have just stumbled across the sneak peek of 2009’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This is a small listing of just some of the great deals you will find at Sun & Ski Sports. The sale starts this Wednesday (1/25) for the early bird shoppers and available online through Monday (11/30). Apparel – […]

RE: Fur – Code Of Conduct With Our Vendors

Noah, Thank you for informing us of the inhumane treatment of animals in the fur trade. Based on your e-mail, I have requested that all of our vendors who offer fur (a small part of our overall assortment) indicate to me their animal treatment policies.  So far, it appears that all of our suppliers adhere […]

Save Ankle Weights for Strength Workouts

Ankle weights are best used as part of a strength training workout. The question of whether to wear ankle weights while running remains controversial, but most trainers don’t recommend it. Some exercisers think that running with hand weights or ankle weights is a good way to make a workout tougher and burn more calories, but […]

Enjoy Summer Hiking in Trail Sandals

When it comes to hiking shoes, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Most serious hikers have several types of hiking shoes for different hiking conditions, including trail sandals for summer hiking. Trail sandals can be the ideal choice for summer hiking when the terrain isn’t too challenging. Although trail sandals lack […]

What You Need for Kneeboarding

If you love waterskiing but you want to try something different, or if you are introducing kids to towed water sports, kneeboarding is a good place to start. Look for kneeboards with a cushioned knee pad and flexible belt strap to keep you comfortable for a full day of water sports activity. When you are […]

Support Your High Arches with Maximum Cushioning

If you have high arches, you probably know it. Your wet footprint shows only a thin mark along the outer edge of your foot between your heel and your toes. The feet of runners with high arches are likely to roll to the outside, or underpronate, when they run. The best men’s running shoes and […]

Women’s Running Tights: Fashion Meets Function

Finding the right women’s running tights isn’t always easy. But there are many options, and the best running apparel is what works for you. When shopping for women’s running tights, keep these tips in mind: Think temperature. What’s the winter weather like where you live? Some types of women’s running tights are made of a […]

Bring the Kids: How to Choose a Child Carrier

Active parents who want to take their kids along for the run or bike ride have an increasing array of options. Some features to consider when choosing a child carrier include: Number of kids. Do you want a single jogging stroller or bike trailer, or one with room for two? Wheel type. Most running strollers […]

Backpack Basics: The Elements of Suspension

Some backpacks have more sophisticated suspension systems than others, but the most important thing to know about a suspension system in a backpack is whether it feels comfortable to you. The basic components of suspension systems in a technical backpack are: Shoulder harness: The shoulder harness is meant to keep the backpack in place, not […]