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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Fall Cross Practice

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Date: 09/15/09 thru 10/26/09 | Time: 5:30-7:00 Tuesday Nights Cyclocross season is almost here and you’ll need to be fully prepared for it! Fall cross practice will take place through October and will help you get prepared for race […]

How To Choose Your Next Cycling Shoes

Like any sports shoes, cycling shoes should be tried on to ensure the correct fit. Visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops to try several styles and take advantage of our expert advice. Some points to keep in mind when choosing your shoes: -To cleat or not to cleat. Some types of bike […]

What To Wear For Apres-Ski

When you are packing your ski and boot bags for your ski outings this fall, have some fun with apres-ski clothes. Treat yourself to a pair of fancy or funky after ski boots that will look great and keep your feet comfortable after a day in your ski boots. Some other ideas for your apres-ski […]

Pack Smart For Skiing

If you make a list and pack smart, you won’t find yourself without some important piece of your winter sports equipment when you reach your destination. To help ensure that you don’t forget any key items or accessories, organize your packing into categories: -Ski equipment: Pack your skis and poles in a specialized ski bag […]

How’s Your Snowboard Stance?

If you want to get the most out of your next snowboarding season, think about your snowboarding stance. Everyone’s stance is unique, but if you haven’t given yours much thought lately, consider these elements of stance that can help you select your snowboards: -Foot in front: Do you prefer your left or right foot in […]

Use Your Head: Choose The Right Helmet

Let’s face it—it’s smart to wear a ski helmet. Not only do ski helmets help prevent serious injuries, they can enhance your ski experience by keeping your head comfortable as well as keeping it in one piece! Just like ski boot sizing, the right ski helmet fit is essential. When shopping for a new ski […]

The Basics Of Snowboard Strap Bindings

Before you decide what to pack in your snowboard bags, make sure you have the right bindings for your board. Strap bindings are the most common type of snowboard bindings. These bindings have three components: base plate, straps, and highback plate. The specifications you choose for these components depend on how you use your snowboard, […]

The Long And Short Of Cycling Shorts

Your cycling shorts are arguably your most important item of cycling apparel. You want to be as comfortable as possible during your rides, and not be distracted by chafing or seat discomfort. When selecting cycling shorts, you can choose from several lengths and styles, including: -Short or Not So Short: For women cyclists who prefer […]

Avoid Frosted Fingers This Ski Season

You don’t want to feel your hands going numb halfway through your day on the slopes, so it’s important to find the right gloves or mittens for your skiing or snowboarding adventures. Consider these features when you browse the glove and mitten selections for the next ski season: -Warmth: If you’re outside in midwinter in […]

Scope Out 2010 Snowboards

True snowboard enthusiasts are scoping out the Burton snowboards 2010 and other 2010 models while the August heat still reigns. But it’s worth doing some research ahead of time so you can find your best board for the season ahead. Keep these board basics in mind as you peruse the offerings from Burton and your […]