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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

After the First Week, We’re Still Alive!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Well, week 1 has now come to a close, and I am proud to say that Anna & I are staying the course on our diet and exercise regimen. It’s actually not proving to be too incredibly difficult thus far, […]

THE PICKLE – Review of 1/10/09

On Saturday January 10th Wayne and I went on our 1st training ride in Brookshire. First, I have to say that you must be prepared before you leave your home and keep in mind as to where you are going to ride. I didn’t think about that before I left, as I drove 45 minutes […]

Video #1 — Wayne & Anna’s First Workout

We tackle our first outing with our new bikes and begin the training for the MS 150.


I’ve decide that I will name my blog “The Pickle” because I always get myself into pickles. Especially with my friends and the crazy things I agree to do with them. The things I agree too are usually things that help and enhance my life but they are always a lot of work. Like the […]

Bicycling Essentials #1 — Bike Shorts

I used to think bike shorts just made you look cool, and weren’t necessary for anything other than enhancing the aerodynamic-ness in competitive cycling.  That is completely wrong! Bike shorts are mandatory if you are going to be riding a bicycle for any length of time longer about 5 minutes a day.  Why, you might […]

Bicycling Essentials — Introduction

Yesterday evening, Anna and I rode at Memorial Park for about an hour, testing out our new bikes.  I’ll post the video later today or tomorrow so y’all can see our initial nervousness about getting out of our confort zone to ride the new MS 150 bicycles. This is a first of a series of blogs entitled […]

Hello to the World– Anna’s 1st blog.

I want to say Hello! This is my 1st blog and I just wanted to pop in and drop a few lines. Wayne and I will have some more stuff up soon. Wayne and I got fitted for our new bikes and they are great! Barry and everyone as Sun and Ski have been so […]

Wayne’s Bio – Sun & Ski Sports Cycling Slim Down

I graduated from Cypress Creek High School in 1996 with the explicit intention to wear a suit and tie every day of my life and make millions of dollars (like my idol at the time, Bill Gates) complete with a Hiram of Playboy Bunnies, by the time I was 30. I set off to earn […]

Anna’s Bio – Sun & Ski Sports Cycling Slim Down

I’m a native Houstonian and I attended Milby High School. I was a high school cheerleader but since then I have fallen out of an active life style. I consider myself a couch potato with a liking for the outdoors. (Usually watching it on TV) I’ve tried a variety of different activities from biking, hiking, […]