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Avoid Frosted Fingers This Ski Season

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!You don’t want to feel your hands going numb halfway through your day on the slopes, so it’s important to find the right gloves or mittens for your skiing or snowboarding adventures. Consider these features when you browse the glove […]

Scope Out 2010 Snowboards

True snowboard enthusiasts are scoping out the Burton snowboards 2010 and other 2010 models while the August heat still reigns. But it’s worth doing some research ahead of time so you can find your best board for the season ahead. Keep these board basics in mind as you peruse the offerings from Burton and your […]

Get The Best Boot And Binding Combo

The purpose of snowboard bindings is to transfer energy from your body to your board as efficiently as possible. Not every boot works with every type of snowboard bindings, so it’s a good idea to buy your boots before buying your bindings. When you are looking for the right boot and binding combination, you have […]

How to buy a Snowboard

So you are looking for your first snowboard; whether it is your first board or the 5th one in your quiver, nothing is quite has the same combination of excitement and being overwhelmed. There are so many choices out there, how do you know what boards will work for you? This blog entry is designed […]

7 Tips to Choosing the Proper Winter Jacket

So you’re planning a ski vacation with some friends. Plane tickets? Check. Hotel or cabin? Got it. Skis? Check. Winter jacket? Not so much. If you’re in need of a new ski jacket for those brisk winds, deep snow and temps below zero, you should probably know what to look for. Find a winter jacket […]

Selecting the Right Winter-Weather Accessories

Often times when you hear the word “accessory,” it’s meant as an afterthought. But winter-weather accessories are not optional. In fact, accessories are critical gear that make you look and feel good. Still, shopping for winter clothing and accessories can seem a bit overwhelming. New fabrics and insulations are constantly changing, and the latest lingo […]

Choosing Snowboard Bindings

Snowboarding is all about having complete control of your board. Bindings are an integral component in ensuring you can comfortably and easily turn the snowboard in a variety of snow and riding conditions. Before you head to your local snowboard shop to buy bindings, consider the following: Pick Out Your Boots Bindings typically come in […]

Choosing the Right Flex for Your Snowboard

Flex refers to the degree of stiffness or flexibility that a snowboard delivers. Since snowboard flex directly affects the rider’s ability to control the board in different snow and terrain conditions, it should be an important consideration when buying a snowboard. There are two types of flex associated with a snowboard: Longitudinal flex: the flexibility […]

Skiing or Snowboarding on a Budget? Look No Further

Anyone who skis or boards a lot can tell you that much of the initial expense comes with the equipment.  You can’t just hit a mountain in any old clothes.  It’s too cold and you are too likely to get wet from snow if you aren’t prepared.  That makes for one miserable trip. So how […]

Choosing the Right Length for Your Snowboard

Snowboards shouldn’t be picked on cool graphics alone. Choosing the right size snowboard is often the difference between flying down the mountain and falling down the mountain. Among the many factors that should be considered when purchasing a snowboard is your weight. The length of the snowboard is the most important factor when it comes […]