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Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry While Snowboarding

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Being cold and wet can put a damper on your winter sports activities, and after a day of skiing or snowboarding, your boots will be damp from sweat, even if you’re wearing moisture-wicking foot warmer socks. The same goes for […]

Accessorize Wisely From Head To Toe

Snowboard goggles look cool, but they also serve a function – to protect your eyes from sun, snow, wind, random tree branches, bugs and anything else that might get in your way. Because your snowboard goggles should fit securely over your snowboarding helmet, it helps to have your helmet with you when you shop for […]

Snowboard Boots: Treat Your Feet To The Right Fit

You’ll have more fun on your snowboard, and your feet will thank you, if you invest in the right snowboard boots. Even advanced snowboarders can use a reminder about how to buy the right boots, so try these tips on for size: -Bring your snowboard socks. Don’t just walk into a shop and try on […]

Treat Your Feet With Foot Warmers

When you’re enjoying a winter sports vacation in extreme cold temperatures, foot warmers can keep you out on the slopes longer. For maximum comfort and convenience, try air-activated foot warmers, such as Heatmax Toasty Toes, that can be used in your ski boots and apres ski boots. For winter sports, the best air-activated foot warmers […]

Finding The Features For Your Perfect Ride

Whether you are looking for mens snowboards or women’s snowboards, you want the features that will give you the perfect ride for the terrain you’re on, and what you want to do on it. Start by reading the reviews and features of different brands to keep up with the latest. Here’s one example: The women’s […]

Know The Flow: Tips On Flow-In Bindings

Can’t decide whether you like strap-in or step-in bindings better? The flow-in style of snowboard bindings combines the best of both worlds—the simplicity of step-in bindings and the precision of strap bindings. Some of the reasons to give flow-in bindings a try: -Flexibility: The flow-in bindings allow you to wear soft boots. -Ease: To get […]

Size Up Your Snowboard Specs

When it comes to snowboards, size matters, and so does weight, but there’s room for individual preferences. For both mens snowboards and womens snowboards, size guidelines are just guidelines, and your personal preferences, skill level, and snowboarding style are just as important. But a few ground rules still apply: -In general, you can gauge the […]

Shopping For Step-In Bindings: Read This

Step-in snowboard bindings offer the easiest way to get on and off your board fast. All you do is step on the binding and click it into place. Step-in bindings are a good choice for freestyle and freeride/all-mountain snowboarding. But all types of snowboard bindings have their pros and cons, so here’s what to know […]

How’s Your Snowboard Stance?

If you want to get the most out of your next snowboarding season, think about your snowboarding stance. Everyone’s stance is unique, but if you haven’t given yours much thought lately, consider these elements of stance that can help you select your snowboards: -Foot in front: Do you prefer your left or right foot in […]

The Basics Of Snowboard Strap Bindings

Before you decide what to pack in your snowboard bags, make sure you have the right bindings for your board. Strap bindings are the most common type of snowboard bindings. These bindings have three components: base plate, straps, and highback plate. The specifications you choose for these components depend on how you use your snowboard, […]