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Ski goggles… Don’t leave home without them!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!One of the most important items of equipment to purchase before going skiing is a good set of skiing goggles. It does not matter what level of skiing you are at, from first time beginner to professional racer, a set […]

Boot Fit Basics

Welcome back. Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to try on your boots. I’m guessing that you found there’s ‘room for improvement’. Most people would think that a tight fit is the problem when feet hurt. In fact, the one problem I see all too often is a boot that is TOO BIG. While everyone wants […]

Blogs from a Boot Fitter – Introduction

As a Master Certified  Boot Fitter with many years in the industry, it is both an honor and my pleasure to be a new contributor to the Sun & Ski Sports Blog. Throughout the coming months, I will be addressing a variety of topics of interest in my field. Whether your are a skier or snowboarder, man or woman, newbie or […]

Winter Sports Equipment For Kids

Ok, so now you have kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite winter sports. Instead, introduce kids to skiing and snowboarding. As winter sports becomes a family event, be sure that the kids have the right winter sports equipment for their interests and activities. -Skis/snowboards: Visit one of our Sun […]

Start The Snowboarding Season Right

You may be counting the days until you can get out and ride snowboards this winter, but if you hit the mountains in the late fall or early December, keep a few points in mind so you don’t destroy your season: -Go easy. Even if you have been training in the off season, the first […]

Go Beyond Boots With Custom Footbeds

The right snowboard boots are essential to help you get your best rides, but you might also consider an orthotic insert, also known as a custom footbed, for an even better fit. The benefits of these inserts include: -Better biomechanics. If you have an orthotic or insert to make sure your feet are properly aligned, […]

Let Your Snowboard Travel In Style

Even if you are only traveling to the slopes by car, quality travel snowboard bags are a good investment. When choosing a travel snowboard bag, visit one of our shops and look for some of these key features: -Padding: Make sure your bag is well-padded, especially if you are checking it at an airport, where […]

Layer Up For Spectacular Snowboarding

When you’re gearing up for the next snowboarding season, it’s a good idea to revisit your clothes as well as your equipment. Why? Because it’s much less fun to carve your way down your favorite mountain when you feel clammy and uncomfortable. So, when you’re choosing the best snowboard boots and snowboard goggles, take some […]

Protect Your Winter Sports Investment

You’ve spent time and effort choosing the right winter sports equipment—skis, boots, snowboards—so get the most out of your gear by keeping it in top shape. To help extend the life of your skis, boots, and snowboards, pay attention to the following: -Transportation: To protect your skis and boards from the elements en route to […]

Get Ahead With Your Next Snowboard Helmet

The right snowboard helmet is more than a piece of snowboard safety gear—it’s an asset to your comfort and performance. When choosing from among the many types of snowboard helmets, keep a few points in mind and you’ll find something that looks as good as it works. -Fit. It almost goes without saying, but your […]