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Ski goggles… Don’t leave home without them!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!One of the most important items of equipment to purchase before going skiing is a good set of skiing goggles. It does not matter what level of skiing you are at, from first time beginner to professional racer, a set […]

The Sun & Ski Cure for the Winter Time Blues

How are you supposed to switch gears from sunshine and wakeboarding to ice covered lakes? When summer ends, it can sometimes be hard to make the adjustmentto cooler weather. Why not try investing your downtime into a new sport this winter? Believe it or not, snowboarding can actually make you a better wakeboarder.The skills you […]

So many choices, so little time…

Sorry for the delay in my postings. As I’m sure you’re aware, Mother Nature has given us a sneek preview here in the Northeast. With truckloads of 2011 product has been arriving daily and curious customers checking it all out, there’s been little time to write. So, how about you? Have you paid a visit to […]

Boot Fit Basics

Welcome back. Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to try on your boots. I’m guessing that you found there’s ‘room for improvement’. Most people would think that a tight fit is the problem when feet hurt. In fact, the one problem I see all too often is a boot that is TOO BIG. While everyone wants […]

Blogs from a Boot Fitter – Introduction

As a Master Certified  Boot Fitter with many years in the industry, it is both an honor and my pleasure to be a new contributor to the Sun & Ski Sports Blog. Throughout the coming months, I will be addressing a variety of topics of interest in my field. Whether your are a skier or snowboarder, man or woman, newbie or […]

Don’t get caught on the slopes unprepared, check out our interactive packing list

Planning your winter sports trip can be tricky, did you bring the goggles? How about the ski lock? Your friends and Sun & Ski have developed the perfect solution that will prevent you from being on the slopes unprepared: the ultimate interactive packing list. Available on the home page or on it’s dedicated page, the […]

Winter Sports Equipment For Kids

Ok, so now you have kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite winter sports. Instead, introduce kids to skiing and snowboarding. As winter sports becomes a family event, be sure that the kids have the right winter sports equipment for their interests and activities. -Skis/snowboards: Visit one of our Sun […]

Enjoy Spring Skiing

You can enjoy winter sports into the early spring if you have the right gear and accessories. Some useful items for spring skiing include: -Sunblock. You should wear sunblock on your face for winter skiing, too, but the brighter spring sun is more likely to burn your nose, your lips, and the skin around your […]

Save Money, Buy Your Favorite Skis Online

When you are ready to buy skis, consider buying online. Do you have a favorite model of downhill skis that’s a few years old? Look online. Snow skis don’t go bad after one season, and just because a ski manufacturer changes the composition slightly for next season doesn’t mean that last year’s model won’t give […]

Ladies: Suit Up With The Right Ski Jacket

The right ski jacket will keep you comfortable through a long day of skiing or snowboarding, while allowing you to enjoy a stylish look and a full range of motion. Some tips to keep in mind when choosing your jacket: -Warmth. Will you be skiing in Alaska, the Alps, or the mid-Atlantic? If you need […]