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Each of the 13,000 BP MS-150 riders has a story (via

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Originally posted by Rick Ankrum at Carolyn Gomez is riding the 180 miles from Houston to Austin – for the first time – this year. Though never a cyclist, she was inspired to do this challenging ride by her […]

The iStik “How Many Ways Can You Stik?” Contest

We all know about the armbands available to hold your iPod Nano while you’re working out. But what if you aren’t running or walking? Sometimes you just need more mobility when you are working out with your music, which is why iStik now offers the Magnetic 3rd Generation iPod Nano Case. Eight high-tech, Neodymium magnets […]

Join NuRide, The Online Ridesharing Community & Earn Reward Points

Sun & Ski Sports is really pleased to be a part of a program that will provide a real community benefit! By offering special rewards to NuRide members, our sponsorship will result in 100,000 less miles driven and prevent 41 tons of emissions.

Sun and Ski Sports is Donating 5% of Bike Sale Revenue in Memory of Dr. David Boyd

It isn’t too often you meet a person who offers as much to their community as Dr. David Boyd.  Dr. Boyd was a radiologist in the Houston area who recently passed away in a climbling accident in Colorado.  He was a great athlete and gave much of his time and energy to the biking community.  […]

Need a Vacation? Check Out Amazing Hiking in Northern California.

Northern California has some incredible places to go hiking. The weather is always temperate and the scenery is incredible. I hopped in Twitter, a microblogging service, and asked some outdoors lovers what their favorite places to hike were in Northern California. Here are a few of the great responses I got: 1.) Paul Chaney recommends […]