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How to Keep Your Hands Warm During Winter Sports

Handwarmer pockets can be invaluable and provide that extra bit of warmth when you need it while you are waiting your turn for the ski lift.

Tom’s Shoes: Shoes with a Soul

For every pair of Tom’s shoes purchased, the company donates one pair of shoes to a child in a developing country.

Get the Most Mileage from Your Bike Helmet

The Giro Pneumo helmet is a lightweight but durable helmet for road biking.

Sports Jacket for Rainy Rides

A sports jacket with a laminate, such as Gore-Tex, is more breathable than a coated jacket.

Be Ski Rope Savvy

Any ski rope shorter than 20 feet places the rider too close to the exhaust from the boat, where he or she is at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smart Women Stay Warm

To maximize warmth and minimize bulk, seek out base layers made of microfiber, such as Hot Chillys’ Peachskins collection.

When Sandals Get Sporty

The Teva Ominum Watersports Sandals feature reinforced toes, quick-release buckles, and antimicrobial linings for durability and comfort.

Infant Child Carriers

Front-riding infant carriers can hold approximately 25 to 30 pounds of baby and baby’s gear.

Winter Cycling: Shoes and Apparel

Avoid cotton socks for winter cycling; they won’t keep your feet dry when they get wet from sweat and road slush.

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