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Video #12 — Wayne & Anna Ride at Night

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The Great Raise Houston — An Adventure Challenge For Charity

Over the past few months, several people have asked me “So how exactly did you and Anna get involved with Sun & Ski and riding the MS 150?  You especially are the laziest person on the face of the earth!”  I wish the second part wasn’t true, but it was until a few months ago…. […]

Video #11 — Wayne & Anna Run the Astros Race for the Pennant 5K

Shifting Gears — Wayne & Anna Tackle New Endeavours

Once again, Anna’s gonna hate me for a long blog! We had a blast training for and completing the MS 150 with the assistance of Sun & Ski Sports.  It was one of those things to mark off of life’s “bucket list”.  Through their expertise and vast knowledge, we were able to achieve what we thought […]

Video #10 — Wayne & Anna Ride the MS 150: Part 2 — Day 2 of 1

Video # 9 — Wayne & Anna Ride the MS 150: Part 1 — The Night Before

Video #8 — Wayne & Anna’s Helmet Cam Nonsense

MS 81: Cycling Mile Slimdown

As of right now, I SHOULD have completed at least 50 miles, enjoying a quick lunch in Bellville.  Oddly enough, I am in my lounge pants, having watched yet another re-run of “Rock of Love”.  Yes, it was a major disappointment that Day 1 got cancelled.  We are totally at the mercy of Mother Nature.  […]

The Eve of the Eve Before the MS 150 — Cycling Reflections

3 months ago, Anna and I began on a journey which, as anyone who has been overweight knows, is not very easy.  Sun & Ski had a plan for us to ride bicycles.  And ride more bicycles.  Now, I am telling you that at the time the longest I really wanted to ride a bike was to […]

Instant Wayne & Anna Updates/ Fox 26 News Appearance!!

Well, Anna and I have done just about everything we can to train for the MS 150.  It’s only 4 days away!  I did some research on weather conditions, and it looks like a 40 percent chance of rain on day 1!  Weathermen are never right, but I still wanted to know what “percent chance” […]