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Sun & Ski Challenge by Jillian Despard

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Well, I finally took my exercising outside. Let me tell you, it was definitely no walk in the park. More like a jog interspersed with walking through the park. Lately I’ve come to realize why I dislike running so much; […]

Sun & Ski Renegades set out to conquer TIR!!!

Nearly 180 years ago the Republic of Texas gained its independence from Mexico.  From the first shot in Gonzalez to the final battle at San Jacinto, Texians and Tejanos fought together for independence and freedom. To commemorate the epic series of events that led to Texas’ Independence, runners from all over the United States and […]

My Sun & Ski Challenge- Jillian Despard

When I started my internship with Sun & Ski Sports I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? Especially when you are the least athletic person in the world surrounded by outdoor enthusiasts. I have always loved the outdoors but shied away from physical activity. An extreme lack of coordination drove me away from bikes and into […]

Let’s Talk About Snowboards!

If you are thinking about picking up a new snowboard this spring, here are a few things you might want to consider… Determine what type of riding you will be doing. All Mountain, Free Style or Free Ride? Will you be riding the park? Carving through powder? Are you just learning how to stay upright?? […]

Sun & Ski Associate Spotlight – Colton Crallie

History of bicycle racing: I never intended to race bicycles. I got lucky and it found me. I played rugby for a span of 8 years. Starting in high school and ending as Division 1 level player. An injury forced me to start thinking about other outlets. My Best friend Chris had been working at […]

2015 Blizzard!

On Wednesday, New England began digging out of what was a wicked blizzard! The region was hit with nearly 3ft of snow and wind gusts up to 70 mph that caused major power outages and heavy damages in the area. The Governor has lifted a state travel ban but bitter cold temps still pose a […]

Breck Trip Recap: Hunting for Pow Soul7 Style

After a quick weekend run out to Breckenridge from one of Sun & Ski’s Northeastern Outposts, our Woburn, MA store, I can safely say that the Rossignol Soul7 absolutely slayed it out there!    It wasn’t looking like we were in for much fresh snow, but ever fickle mother nature decided otherwise and laid down […]

Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 – Gear Review

If you live anywhere in the world and you are a runner with no gym membership or you loath the treadmill. There comes a time in the year where running in the daylight becomes a luxury. You basically have two choices. Run in the morning in the dark before work, or run in the evening after work.  Two dangers are present with this solution. Being visible for vehicle traffic to see you, and your ability to see obstacles in front of you. For the past few years I have been a fan of a head lamp.  Mainly for the convenience of keeping my hands free.  I had tried some of the small lightweight flashlights, however to use them I had to hold it at an uncomfortable angle to light the ground. Headlamps all have their downfalls as well. The biggest is when running in a mist, the light reflects back into your eyes. I have tried to combat this by wearing one as a belt. This is a good fix but it can be uncomfortable. It does however get the light closer to the ground to give you better visibility.   A few weeks ago I found a great new innovative product that addressed all these issues. The Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 handheld torch. This 108 lumen flashlight is USB rechargeable with a integrated hand strap and a 24* down angle. It also has a emergency button that activates a high pitch beep and a red strobe light. When the flashlight is on it has a normal beam, high beam and a flashing forward strobe. I have been using mine for about 2 weeks. I have noticed an earlier reaction from approaching drivers. Not only do they pick up on my reflective vest and wrist bands. I activate the strobe and they can identify me at a farther distance. The rear facing red strobe is always active when the power is on as well. It took me a few runs to get used to holding it but with the hand strap it just hangs in my palm. I used it this week during a group run and the downward facing angle was perfect.  I tripped over a speed bump recently with a headlamp. With the Fire I was able to see the obstacle in plenty of time to adjust my stride. No more worries about the contours of the trail or road. With a headlamp it is impossible to turn your head and talk without blinding your running partner. Now I can keep my path lit and not worry about all the downfalls my headlamp had. Changing functions from normal to bright and strobe are easy. I ran with thick gloves and the button still worked flawless.   The fire comes in a 100 lumen and a 300 lumen. As of now Sun and Ski only stocks the 100. We have it available in select stores or you can order on   For $45.00 it’s the best running accessory I have purchased in years.   Run Safe.   Bryan Hojo.  

Let’s talk about ski tuning!

How often should you have your skis or snowboard tuned?   Most advanced skiers have their gear tuned after 4 or 5 days of skiing. It is important for the edges to be sharp in order to maintain control. The base has to be waxed to allow for maximum speed. Intermediate skiers will probably want […]

2015 “Bike U” is back at Sun & Ski – Westheimer!!!

HOUSTON, TX —Sun & Ski will kick off cyclists’ training for the BP MS150 charity bike ride with its annual “Bike University” Open House Friday, January 23, 5–10 p.m. and Saturday, January 24, noon-6 p.m. at Sun & Ski in Houston, Texas. The free event, open to the public, will feature customized bike fit sessions, […]